Sometimes you gotta dance with the one who brung ya

ed:  What everyone needs to realize is that the Tea Party supports candidates based on their values, their voting records and their willingness to be unpopular.  We have no allegiance to the Republicans, the Dems or the Libertarians.  While we ideologically have more in common with the Right, we will rebuke them just as quickly as we do those on the Left.  Having said that; we like Allen West.


Allen West: Not going to get involved in Tea Party “schizophrenia”

posted at 1:25 pm on July 29, 2011 by Ed Morrissey
Matt Lewis says, “When Laura Ingraham and Rep. Allen West are calling out the Tea Party, you know something’s up[.]” As it turns out, some of the Tea Party attack on Allen West turned out to be a misunderstanding, but West takes the opportunity to support John Boehner and remind people that Harry Reid’s plan cuts defense spending. Laura Ingraham pledges her support to West as she scolds some conservatives for attacking West for attempting the possible:


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