You think you hate your job?

ed: Imagine having Jay Carney’s. 

WH press corps hammers Carney: How come Obama hasn’t produced his own debt-ceiling plan?

Steve Hayes notes that it wasn’t so long ago that Obama’s press secretary was mocking the GOP at the podium as “the party of no ideas” for producing a brief budget framework instead of a detailed plan. Fast forward two years and, with the alleged economic apocalypse nearly upon us, we’ve got a different press secretary insisting that O doesn’t need to float a plan because he once gave a speech or something. Good times, good times.

Read it all:

ed: JTPP takeaway quote:  (re: the plan) “Release it to the public. There was paper that we (the Press) requested”  Carney: “You need it printed out for you?  Why didn’t you write it down?”


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