Arab world outraged by Norway attack allegations

Dear Islam
Image by Napalm filled tires via Flickr

Arab world outraged by Norway attack allegations – Skigwy

Prior to killer’s apprehension, local, international media blamed Islamists for carnage, triggering Arab media’s furor. Meanwhile, Muslim web surfers accuse ‘terrorist Zionist state’ for attack

Roee Nahmias

Less than two days after the fact, everybody knows who carried out the shocking massacre that took place in Norway  on Friday: Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian driven by extremist right-wing ideology. But before Breivik’s apprehension, the local and international media alluded to an extremist Islamists link for the double attack on Oslo and Utoya island – triggering the rage of many Arabs and Muslims worldwide.

The London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat claimed Norway feared Islamist operatives much more than rightist extremists despite a significant growth of such groups in 2010. Another London-based international Arabic publication, Al-Hayat, added that the attacks were perpetrated by a Christian extremist who deplored Islam and Europe’s cultural pluralism.

Meanwhile, a short time after news of the attack spread, many Arab and Muslim web surfers claimed that it was Israel who was responsible: “A criminal operation of this magnitude is not carried out without the support and planning of a terrorist state, which stakes out opportunities to shuffle the deck. It is the Zionist state, in collaboration with the extremist Zionist Christians, that wants to hurt Islam in its allie, Norway,” a surfer named Omar Ali commented on Al Jazeera’s website. “It’s not al-Qaeda. The Zionists carried out the attack to punish Norway for supporting Gaza.”

‘Mossad behind operation’

Another web user accused the Israeli secret service for the attack, and explained why: “Before Europe and the US rush to blame us for terrorism, know that the body behind this operation is none other than the Mossad. And why the Mossad? Because Norway recognized the Palestinian state two days ago, and what does it mean when a gas and oil-rich nation like Norway supports the Palestinians? Israel would never allow it.”

 A third commentator said that it was clear to him that an intelligence agency, like the Mossad or the CIA – was behind the attack. Yet another surfer, from Jordan, accused the US, adding that “as usual, the American intelligence is pressing Norway to declare that Muslims carried out the bombing.”

Another theory attributed the act of terror to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, in light of his threats to retaliate against the NATO strikes. Others yet blamed the Syrian regime for trying to divert attention from what is going on in their country.

Shortly after the extent of the tragedy became known, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which counts 58 nations among its members, released a statement condemning the event, calling it a “terrorist attack.”,7340,L-4099461,00.html


Strangely, other than the fifth rate islamic terrorist group operating out of their mom’s basement [ “Time for dinner, Abdul.”  “Shut up, ma. We’re plotting jihad here. Jeez.”] that falsely claimed credit for the attacks, your genuine islamic terrorists knew before the rest of us (before drudge even!)

Thanks to the patriot Act we have the following intercepted phone calls:

muslim1: “hello?”

muslim2:”Abdul. wassup.”

muslim1:”Dude! Watchin’ the news. How bout you Achmed?”

muslim2:”Yeah same here.”

muslim1:”So…Norway, huh?”

muslim2:”Yep.  Is it nice this time of year?”

muslim1:”What? I was gonna ask you–”

muslim2:”No way! I thought your soccer team was suddenly a man short.”

muslim1:” Ha nope, we’ve got 11 here. You sure it wasn’t you guys?”

muslim2:”On the life of one of my repressed wives, it wasn’t us.”

muslim1:”You think those basement guys…”

muslim2:”Wait. CNN says it was one of their own. How bout that s**t.”

muslim1:”WTF. I’ll hitcha back. I have to go complain somewhere. Rush to judgement & all”

muslim2:”I’m blogging my indignation now.”


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