In My Opinion… Rebelpatriot

Welcome to my little corner of the net which I’m going to call “In My Opinion”. Opinion is  a personal view, attitude, or appraisal. Hence the title. I will be posting things the way that I see them, describing how they should be and explaining how this country can be a much better place. The awesome thing about it is that I can’t be wrong as it is .. In my opinion.

Before anyone gets all upset about that let me tell you a little about myself. I’m an American who believes in  his freedom as set forth in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and its amendments. I’m a Christian who believes in God’s Word and the price that Christ paid for our sins on the Cross. I grew up here in Jackson County on a farm where I still live today. Not all Americans agree with my views, not all Christians agree with my views. However I can get along with anyone and many are even welcome into my circle of friends as long as they are man or woman enough to agree or at least agree to disagree with me.

With that being said I place Obama in the same class as Osama Bin Laden,  Hitler, Joseph Stalin, andUlysses S. Grant. On the other hand I place Ronald Reagen in the same class as Moses, Samuel Colt, Thomas Jefferson, and Robert E. Lee. If you can agree with me here, we are off to a great start.

I look forward to attempting to write here and hearing your comments as well. I will try to have something each week if at all possible but as you know life often gets in the way.



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