Ron Paul gets Muslim endorsement in Michigan

Ed: Hey, why not?  They’re all enemies of Israel and the United States.
The Muslim Observer, a newspaper based in Michigan, came down on the side of the presidential candidacy of Republican Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. “The Muslim community in Michigan has a unique opportunity to beat the pundits by voting as a block for Ron Paul as the Republican candidate”.The newspaper added “Ron Paul meets the Muslim community’s major concern about War in Iraq – an issue that every media outlet has ignored in the primary political campaign in Michigan. To the Muslim community, it is the source of major problems in America – security, jobs, education, healthcare, etc.; and the world peace. The Republican candidate who voted NO against War in Iraq, is against the Patriot Act and is in favor of bringing the troops back home – deserves our full support in the Michigan Primary”.The Democratic primary in Michigan allows voters to choose only Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, while the Republican primary allows voters to choose from a variety of candidates, including Congressman Paul, Governor Mitt Romney, Governor Mike Huckabee, and Senator John McCain.


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