AMEN our brothers and sisters at redstate – Old and still true

I no longer think Ron Paul should be included in any serious discussion of the Republican Party or its Presidential candidate. (I’ve recommended Leon’s diary, which you may count as a co-signature.) Ron Paul has ceased to be that amiable figure, the eccentric insisting that government derives its mandate only from the consent of the governed.

It’s the surrender bit, completely incompatible with what I had thought of Ron Paul; it is, however, a good way to drag confused Code Pinkers and pseudo-libertarians into the cash-donating aisle with the Red Light special. Is it a con? Who the heck knows, but Ron Paul come up with a small following from the anti-war crowd, folks blathering about concepts of liberty and governance which they obviously do not choose to understand understand.

There is too much at stake, here. It is time for Ron Paul to find a new venue to do his quixotic thing.

Read the whole thing, here



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